Leize the DaySM

A Personal Coaching Journey

Spend six months with me and you’ll be astonished by what you can create. I’ve helped hundreds of women define and achieve their dreams. And I can help you!

The goal is empowerment,
not dependence

You already have most of what you need. I am just going to remind you of that!

Do You...

  • Have a dream on the shelf?
  • A project you want to complete?
  • Want a shift in one or more of your relationships?
  • Desire?

Are You...

  • Tired of asking for less than you deserve?
  • Tired of working so damn hard?
  • Tired of feeling blah?
  • Just tired?

Do You Want to Create...

  • A business?
  • A relationship?
  • A family?
  • A sisterhood?
  • The life of your dreams?

Leize Your GoddessSM Trainings

As with many things, more is not necessarily better! I encourage you to select the fewest touch points that you feel will deliver the results you seek.

Every Goddess who enters into a personal coaching journey with me receives:

  • Welcome Call with introductory assignments to prepare for your journey
  • One or more Leize Your Dream℠ Sessions to provide clarity on your direction
  • 24 group calls to build from the momentum of others
  • Enrollment in my next Leize Your Goddess℠ Novitiate
  • Email access to me between calls to quickly move through blocks between calls
  • Practice materials to accelerate results
  • Private coaching sessions at the level to match the commitment and investment she chooses:

Leize EscortSM

If you know where you want to go and just want the coach-equivalent of a “date-to-the-party” I would love to be your escort.  At this investment level, in addition to the twenty-five touchpoints above and enrollment in Leize Your Goddess℠, you will have six private calls to enjoy over the course of our six months together.

Duration: 6 Months

Investment: $4,000


Leize GuideSM

While you’re really your own guide, if you desire some additional shepherding through your journey, select Leize Guide.  At this investment level, you’ll receive and additional Leize Your Dream℠ session, and you will have 12 private calls to enjoy over the course of our six months together.

Duration: 6 Months

Investment: $6,000


Leize SherpaSM

When you’re climbing to heights where the oxygen may feel a little thin, someone who breathes easier there is handy to have along the journey.  At this investment level, you’ll receive two additional Leize Your Dream℠ sessions, you’ll have 24 private calls to enjoy on your six-month journey, and you’ll receive an accountability partner to track your success.

Duration: 6 Months

Investment: $6,000


Leize King-WhispererSM

While more than 90% of my work is with women, sometimes a man decides to step into his kingly nature.  Often it is to save a marriage or a job, sometimes it is following a loss. I may hate the patriarchy, but I adore men, especially those who desire kingliness, and make exceptions to work with them under several conditions.  I will only train kings who contact me personally (not through wives, partners, etc.). King training nearly always takes place by phone. Every man has a King within, but summoning him requires an open mind, a willing heart, and a true desire. The program includes everything in the Leize Sherpa package except for the 24 group calls.

Duration: 6 Months

Investment: $7,000


Leize NovitiateSM

For those who don’t want coaching, but desire to love themselves like never before, desire to be reminded of what it feels like to be in sisterhood, or who want to move deeper into their lusty, powerful, beautiful, delicious, hungry feminine core, this basic course invites connection in a way we all deeply crave.

* This program is only offered periodically and is only available live in Columbus, Ohio.

Duration: 6 Months

Investment: $8,000



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